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We like to concelled you in these areas:



* system analysis & design

o analysis of your businessprocess

o object oriented analysis

o design of applicationsystems in view of Web and Client/Server


* evolution management

We assist you by:



* Oracle installation & upgrade

o installation of Oracle 7.x to 9i on Unix and Windows computers

o installation of IAS 9i on Unix and Windows computers

o upgrade of 7.x auf 9i

o installation of Forms- and Reports-Developer or rather. -server for C/S and Web


* DB tuning

o with individual practiceworkshops for

+ the tuning of the Oracle databank or of the IAS

+ the optimal programming with SQL and PL/SQL

+ the analysis of the runtime performance  of your application

o with the support at cartridge of monitor- and observation programs


* DB administration

o with the support of your Oracle Databank (7.x - 9i) or of the IAS 9i about remote maintenance

o with locally regular support