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You want to join a workshop about these theme?


* Database-administration for the DB-Versions 7.x, 8i, 9i

* Performance-tuning for the DB-Versions 7.x, 8i, 9i

* InternetApplicationServer iAS9i

* Oracle Portal

* Programming with SQL, PL/SQL, and for the world wide web as PL/SQL Server Pages

* Internet Developer Suite 6i bzw. 9i (with Developer and Designer)

* New featues of the versionen 8i or 9i for programmers and administrators

* SQL and PL/SQL statement tuning



We are trainer at the Oracle University, for you this means that we are up to date every time.


Our trainer are DBA 7.x up to 10g and Developer 2, 6.0/6i, 9i OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) certificated. 


You may desire the matters, we supply you the bespoke course. We come home to you, thus you have your familiar surroundings. We also will adapt our examples to your needs.


Talk with us, plan your success together.